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Horizontal Pressure Vessel Design Gas Storage Tanks , Stainless Steel Pressure Tank

Horizontal Pressure Vessel Design Gas Storage Tanks , Stainless Steel Pressure Tank

  • Horizontal Pressure Vessel Design Gas Storage Tanks , Stainless Steel Pressure Tank
  • Horizontal Pressure Vessel Design Gas Storage Tanks , Stainless Steel Pressure Tank
Horizontal Pressure Vessel Design Gas Storage Tanks , Stainless Steel Pressure Tank
Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm:
Place of Origin: Shanghai China
Hàng hiệu: Shenjiang
Chứng nhận: ISO BV SGS CE ASME
Model Number: SJ-2.0-1.01
Thanh toán:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Giá bán: Negotiation
Packaging Details: plywood packing for each tank
Delivery Time: 15 days after received payment
Payment Terms: D/A, D/P, L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 2000 sets one month
Tiếp xúc
Chi tiết sản phẩm
Material: Stainless Steel 304 / 316L Volume: 53 gallon
Pressure: 145psi Operating temperature: 100 degree
Orientation: Vertical Diameter: 550 mm
Surface Treatment: Sand blasting or Polishing Height: 1300 mm
Điểm nổi bật:

stainless steel pressure tank


stainless steel storage tanks

1. Parameter


Volume 53 gallon Drain Valve Connector R1/2"
Pressure 145 psi
Temperature 100℃ Reference volume for compressor (m3/min) 2.5-3
Height 1300 mm
Dimension 550 mm

2. The role of the air compressor with the installation of the gas tank


1. Buffer, stabilize the compressed air compressor output, eliminate or reduce the air compressor output air pressure pulsation, extend the air compressor "start - stop" or "load - unload" cycle, reduce the electrical valve switching frequency ; To prevent air compressor downtime during the compressed air pipeline for some reason to return the gas, poured into the air compressor caused by the failure and damage.
2. Because the gas tank is a large area with a large cylindrical heat dissipation body, into the gas swirl in the tank, and the wall, the compressed air can be cooled cooling, precipitation of water, dust impurities in the bottom of the tank Precipitation, more conducive to decontamination in addition to water.
3. Can be equipped with supporting the air compressor follow-up: after the cooler, frozen dryer, air filter and other equipment, the composition of industrial production of compressed compressed air power source (station) use.
4. Small air compressor, comes with the gas tank is also used as the compressor body and other accessories installed base role.
Since the flow rate (gas volume) used at the end of the compressed air system can not be equally output, it is necessary to use a gas tank to store a certain amount of gas to stabilize the pressure of the stabilizing system. Before the tank, can reduce the air compressor pulsation, to avoid the frequent loading and unloading of air compressor. After the tank, the pulsation of the compressed air output can be reduced and the output pressure of the system can be reduced due to the temporary pressure drop due to the temporary flow rate, the adjustment of the larger peak and the output pressure of the stabilization system.


3. The wide application of gas tanks


1. The machinery manufacturing industry: gas tank can reduce the number of frequent air compressor start. Not only can store compressed air, but also has a stable outlet pressure, buffer and other effects. It is commonly used in air compressor ancillary equipment.
2. The food industry: the main application is oil-free gas tank, used for filling machines, blow molding machines to provide power. Also play a pneumatic force transmission, pneumatic cooling, pneumatic spray and so on.
3. The textile industry: the main use of compressed air for air-jet looms, sizing machines, dyeing machine, roving machine, suction guns, etc. to provide clean gas power, the general use of oil-free gas tank.
4. The automotive industry: the tank is an indispensable part of the automotive industry. For example, the role of gas tank in the tire industry, including the promotion of silk curtain cutting machine, curing machine, etc., including pneumatic mixing, pneumatic molding and so on.
5. The electronics industry: This is a new industry, one of the wafer oxidation equipment, vacuum systems, pneumatic control valves, pneumatic handling equipment, etc. need to cooperate with the gas tank to complete the work.
6. The environmental engineering industry: the application of a wider range of gas storage industry, mainly for air pollution control, solid waste treatment, sewage treatment, etc.
7. The medical industry: the main application is the stainless steel gas tank, oxygen tank, medical equipment and equipment often supporting the equipment.
8. The steel industry: including instrument gas, power execution, equipment, cleaning, process assistance, etc., but also inseparable from a tank industry.
9. The power industry: the power industry: the role of gas tank, including pneumatic conveying, dry ash transport, pneumatic execution, and promote instrumentation equipment.


4. Our Advantages


1 Double-sided welding for all the connecting pipes
2 All the connecting pipes are sealed by plastic parts
3 Section design for the air inlet
4 Sewage valve with elbow design
5 Longitudinal seam, ring seam welding, double - sided submerged arc welding
6 Surface treatment: sandblasting , primer (2 times), finish


5. Application


Stainless steel air tank is widely used in central air conditioning, boiler, water heater, frequency conversion, constant pressure water supply equipment, the buffer system pressure fluctuations, to ensure the smooth use of gas system to reduce the role of airflow pulsation, thereby reducing system pressure fluctuations The compressed air is smoothly passed through a compressed air purification system to allow sufficient removal of oil and water impurities and to reduce the load on subsequent oxygen nitrogen separation units. In the system when the water pressure slightly changes, to ensure that the system of water pressure, the pump will not change due to frequent pressure to open.


6. Compared to carbon steel tanks


Compared to carbon steel tanks, stainless steel tanks can withstand higher pressures and can be used in many high-pressure locations. At the same time stainless steel tank has a very significant feature: excellent tank sealing performance, completely put an end to the air of harmful substances and mosquitoes to ensure that the tank can not be stored in the liquid pollution, not breeding red worms. Therefore, the stainless steel storage tank is also widely used in pharmaceutical, dairy, sugar and some special substances such as storage, food, pharmaceutical, wine industry, dairy industry indispensable special equipment.


Horizontal Pressure Vessel Design Gas Storage Tanks , Stainless Steel Pressure Tank 0


Horizontal Pressure Vessel Design Gas Storage Tanks , Stainless Steel Pressure Tank 1





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